Our Guarantee

Here at Manhattan Gourmet Foods, our family's tradition of quality and integrity has been the most important thing since 1983. And we guarantee that every one of our products meets our high standards - and yours. You've got our word on it.

Our high standards mean you’ll receive USDA inspected beef that has been aged for up to 28 days, hand trimmed and vacuum sealed to protect the natural flavor and juiciness. If for any reason you are not satisfied we will replace or exchange your items.
We guarantee that you will receive the exact item you ordered and the correct quantity in the proper packaging. It will be delivered to the address specified in an appropriate amount of time for the product to arrive in wholesome condition. We cannot be responsible for incorrect addresses.
Please contact us within 3 business days of receipt for any problems regarding short-shipped items, incorrect items or issues related to packing & shipping by calling 239.600.8090. Sorry no refunds. Products are subject to change as well as prices without notice.  Notify us within 30 days for any issues related to the quality of the product. Claims will be assessed and processed at the discretion of the Company. Authorized returns may be required.

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